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‘Spring Garden’ in The Evening Class

December 5, 2014

In full disclosure, Jake Fullilove’s Spring Garden (2014) is a pet project of mine. It first arrived at my desk as a shooting script developed by Jake and his collaborator Matt Shelar, adapted from Matt’s short story. Straight off, it exhibited a pulpy coherence that spoke to the project’s genre ambitions. Read the rest here.

‘Garden of Gore’ in Boise Weekly

June 26, 2013

An innocuous apartment around the corner from the Boise Co-op looks like any other building in the North End. But on June 13, the body of a girl was splayed out awkwardly on the living room floor. Blood ran from a stab wound on her neck and soaked into the white rug. Hunched figures stood […]


June 1, 2013

We are now deep into the pre-production of Spring Garden with less than two weeks until principal photography. Our final script is locked as of yesterday, with nearly all of our crew fully assembled. We’re looking at roughly a 20 man crew for a three day shoot, and I’m so excited to get it underway. […]

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