Script-535x200We are now deep into the pre-production of Spring Garden with less than two weeks until principal photography. Our final script is locked as of yesterday, with nearly all of our crew fully assembled. We’re looking at roughly a 20 man crew for a three day shoot, and I’m so excited to get it underway.

I’ve been primarily dealing with the business side of producing the film for the past two weeks, but now as we enter the artistic side of pre-production the final look of the film is really starting to come across. I’m extremely excited to work out the details on some of the more complex graphic transitions and sound design pieces that we’ll be attempting, and I’m so thrilled to have artists like Cassie [Art Director] and Skip [Director of Photography] to collaborate with to make the vision come to life. I’m still on the hunt for a dedicated post sound artist, which I’ll be scouting for in this next week. In the past I’ve done the sound design for our films, but seeing as the sound of the film will be such an essential part to the telling of the story, it’s very important to me to have someone who can really focus on what we can do creatively to enhance the medium.

Casting is on Monday! And it looks like its garnered some interest in the local actor community. I’m really looking forward to seeing the talent in the area to see the unique interpretations our potential cast can bring to the table.

Matt [writer], Cassie, and I will completing our location scouting this week to find our townhouse, grocery store, and diner. I’ll also be meeting with my Assistant Directors to get our schedule locked down. With regards to our media, I just had a meeting today with Kevin Hodes, a friend I’ve worked on a few projects with in the past, to start production on a promotional video for our About Spring Garden page.

It’s amazing to see this project come together in these final weeks of pre-production, and I’m so thankful to all the people who are helping to make it a possibility. Updates soon to follow-

Director – Jake Fullilove


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