Jake Fullilove



Jake is an internationally award winning director, and the owner and operator of Imperium Cinema, LLC. He has practiced digital media for a decade and film specifically for six years. After winning 1st place in many statewide high school video competitions, Jake went on to receive two international Telly Awards at the age of 18. Jake has since directed and produced a collection of short films, web series, book trailers, and local and national commercials, for which he has collected a Communicator Award and three more Telly’s. Jake seeks not only to tell interesting stories, but to tell them in interesting ways utilizing the endless artistic facets of film. He firmly believes that cinema is not meant to be viewed, but experienced. Jake draws inspiration from music, abstract artwork, overly complex metaphors, and rollerblading.

Craig Lew



Craig Lew has worked with Dreamworks SKG, Deluxe Laboratories, KCET, Modern Video Film and the New Getty Center. Craig wrote, directed, produced and animated The Fish (2000) which screened at the Dreamworks Employee Film Festival and the SlamDunk Film Festival in Park City, Utah. He made his feature directorial debut with Little Indiscretions (1999) starring Diane Farr. It screened at the IFFM and the Cinequest Film Festival. He was awarded a 2nd place win in Script Magazine’s Open Door Contest sponsored by BenderSpink for “The 13th Reflection.”

Matt Shelar



Spring Garden is a story that has been on Shelar’s mind since he was a senior in high school. It followed him from his home-town in Delaware to Boise, where it finally was written for the screen. It’s a story that he knew would happen and happen fast, yet its quirkiness and nuance would keep it alive long enough to tell the whole tale.

Skip Armstrong



Skip is an award-winning cinematographer who has worked with National Geographic, New Belgium Brewery, The Associated Press, Patagonia and more. His films have been selected as Vimeo staff picks and have received festival screenings at Banff, Telluride, and 5Point, winning numerous awards for best film and best cinematography. He recently directed the five part film series Of Souls + Water.

Cassie Lewis



Cassie Lewis is, was, and will always be a lover of music, art, and food. Spending much of her childhood daydreaming and storytelling, she developed a very visual imagination and an insatiable curiosity for life. Often, she disappeared to the far reaches of the schoolyard to lie in the flowers, while she closely inspected the lively worlds between the grass and dirt. She found it very difficult to fit into any particular box, so she began to shape her world with art. Upon the discovery of her love for singing, she sought out her own form of expression in Vocal Performance at the age of 8. With few options for a progressive education in southeast Idaho, she became completely absorbed in the world of music by listening to her grandmothers old records that were kept in a musky basement. Cassie studied with a fine vocal instructor who gave her invaluable knowledge and empowerment. She opted against immediately going to college as a financial decision, and wouldn’t consider it until she knew what she wanted to do. So she became a sort of gypsy after graduation, traveling the states and abroad. Now with over 19 years of experience with the performing arts, and an ever-growing collection of recycled art and vintage clothing, she operates a multi-media art, film, and music studio in downtown Boise called The Foxxden or Foxxtone Studios. She is a musician, vocal and performance coach, creative consultant, and art director for many different projects in the Boise Valley and beyond. She is also very skilled at writing in third person.